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Media Services


With many major international events now requiring guaranteed accommodation bookings for media as well as other key constituent groups, Press Operations International offers specialist advice and assistance about the booking and allocation of press and broadcast accommodation.


We have had experience in planning and allocating accommodation within specialised media villages as well as in dedicated media hotel clusters.


Accommodation planning also relates closely to the media transport system and Press Operations International can advise on how the two media services can be planned together to get the best of a host city's stretched accommodation and transport resources.



Press Operations International provides expert advice on media accreditation, zone controls and day pass procedures.


With accreditations often in high demand, checks and balances need to be in place to ensure that key media groups are represented - from international news agencies, national agencies and major newspaper groups to specialist sports publications and local press and press. 


Press Operations International can plan and organise the complete accreditation process, from the design and use of accreditation devices to the timetable and documentation of the application forms and acceptance procedures.



Broadcast Liaison

Press Operations International has the resources to provide expert press/broadcasting liaison for large events where a rights-holding or host broadcaster organisation needs assistance in Games information services and good relations with the written and photographic press.


Good media planning includes balancing the needs of broadcast and press to ensure the best possible coverage across both mediums.


It is in the interests of the event organiser to have strong oversight in the integration of all media facilities at the venue. Press Operations International can assume this role on the organiser's behalf.

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