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Media Services



The specialist communications requirements of international news organisations and the world's major newspapers are complicated and need to be well understood by an event organising committee.


Often these can be channeled through one major telecom company that becomes a key sponsor.


Press Operations International has the expertise to act as the intermediary between telecom provider and the organising committee, while ensuring that all the needs of the international media are professionally represented.


Venue Media Centres and  CAD drawings​


Media Centres at the major competition venues  - complete with work rooms, tribunes, mixed zones, press conference rooms and photo positions - are an integral part of large, multi-sport events such as an Olympic or Commonwealth Games.


Press Operations International can plan the venue press centres for each sport, assist with establishing space and staffing requirements and help with staff recruitment and volunteer training.


We also provide professional design layouts and CAD drawings for fit out and overlay of existing and temporary venue facilities.





The role of volunteers at large events is well established, and the ability to source specialist media volunteers is a key to the success of media operations.


Press Operations International can help an organising committee identify volunteer sources, as well as assist in the practical training and deployment of volunteers.


The use of databases and communications methods is also a major factor in keeping volunteers as an integral part of the event workforce. Press Operations International can incorporate the recruitment and training of volunteers into a wider staffing brief which includes both volunteer and paid staff positions across all event media centres. 


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