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Media Services



I'Signage is a vital tool to assist the media to move easily in and around the Main Press Centre and Venue Media Centres. 


External wayfinding signage around competition venues is also key to media movement between key work areas such as workroom, tribunes, mixed zones, photo positions and press conferences rooms.


Press Operations International can assist organisers to identify media pathways and to put in place an integrated approach to venue wayfinding, signage and Look elements.



Recruiting and training  professional staff is a key to successul  media management . While many staff are drawn from the media group planning the event, many others have to be found to work on a short term basis. 


POI has experience in national and international recruitment.


We keep a database of suitable candidates and key contacts across the major international sporting federations. We can also assist with the training of professional and volunteer media staff.

Technology Scoping


Media Centres at the major competition venues  - complete with work rooms, tribunes, mixed zones, press conference rooms and photo positions - are an integral part of large, multi-sport events such as an Olympic or Commonwealth Games.


Press Operations International can plan the venue press centres for each sport, assist with establishing space and staffing requirements and help with staff recruitment and volunteer training.


We also provide professional design layouts and CAD drawings for fit out and overlay of existing and temporary venue facilities.


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