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Media Services



Press Operations International has extensive experience in budgeting for the staff, facilities and services required by Media Operations including overlay and fit out costs for venue media centres and the Main Press Centre. 


Depending on the size of an event, budgets must have specific expenditure provisions for all media requirements including telecommunications, INFO systems, power requirements, CATV systems and monitors, technology, etc.

Event Issues Management


A major event is a continuing source of local and international news throughout its planning period, as well as during the event itself. The magnitude of the task and the large budget expenditures of a major event ensure that organisers are always under media scrutiny.


Press Operations International can provide continuous advice on the handling of media issues as they arise. Many of the issues that confront organisers are common from event to event and often they occur at predictable phases of organisational planning.


Press Operations International can draw on the experience of media professionals from a range of backgrounds and experiences to help with advice and strategy.

Games Information Systems


With media deadlines becoming increasingly demanding for broadcasters and print journalists, event organisers are under more and more pressure to provide accurate, up to the minute - even real time - results in both the press stands and the press workrooms as well as the commentary boxes.


Information technology - linking the field of play with the competition management and the media - has become a specialist area for many major events. The content of these information systems is a key to their success across multi-sport events such as Olympic, Commonwealth and Asian Games.


Many major events require the provision of a Games news agency to bring together the results and news from across the venues. Press Operations International can provide a comprehensive overview of the various components of event information technology together with contacts for experienced providers of historical data, current statistics and athlete biographies.

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